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Track your leads
‍company changes

Detecting, being alert, and updating your database when a customer or a lead
changes company is an essential step in B2B prospecting.

Leveraging the business change
of B2B prospects

The change of company is a crucial moment in B2B prospecting, but it is also sometimes complicated to identify the change of position or company of your customers and prospects.
25% to 33% of your customer or prospect base contacts have or will change the company in the current year.

But that was before!
Now, when enriching your files, Dropcontact automatically identifies and enriches your contacts' details in their new companies. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Yes, it sounds incredible! And it is!
Dropcontact makes it possible for you to keep your information up to date with no extra effort.

Dropcontact is excellent because it recognizes the new company of your prospect and enriches it with his new data:

  • New nominative and verified email address
  • New professionnal phone number
  • New job of your contact
  • New website and new LinkedIn company page
  • New company legal information
Dropcontact - Business change alert

Detection of a decision maker's business change

By uploading your file on Dropcontact, the solution will detect if one of your contacts has changed company and especially will enrich each of these contacts with its new updated data!😍

Dropcontact identifies the new company of your contact. In that case, you are informed "this person has left "old company" to go for the "new company", and all information is then updated!

If Dropcontact does not identify the new company (this can happen), then you are alerted "this person may no longer be at "company".
This allows you to add a point of vigilance when contacting the prospect: A quick look at his LinkedIn profile provided by Dropcontact, and it's done.

Dropcontact: detection and alert when a contact or a B2B prospect changes function
Company change track: prospect self-enrichment
Picto - create business opportunity with company change alert and update enrichment

New enrichment up to date of a prospect's new company

Detecting a change in the company of your prospects is good. Being able to exploit it is even better!

Dropcontact enriches the data of your contact who has just changed company.

βž•Even if your contact has changed company 3 times since your last information, Dropcontact detects it and provides the information of the new company: your prospect data is always up to date!

Picto - Always up-to-date prospect database with Dropcontact

Always up-to-date prospect databases

A file enriched by Dropcontact guarantees you have up-to-date data.
And yes, Dropcontact improves all the info in your databases in real-time, without the use of databases, but only algorithmy πŸ’₯

No need to double-check all the information whose email Dropcontact finds it, but also, and most importantly verifies, validates and qualifies it before adding it to your database πŸ’š

Enrichment with new prospect data after a change of company
Picto - new opportunities with company change alert

Create new sales opportunities when changing companies

An early satisfied customer has just changed company ... This is the best time, and the best opportunity to close again with this contact and his new company.
You multiply your chances to sign with this new company: Fast and efficient!

πŸ’‘ On average, a customer spends 70% of his annual budget in the first 3 months of his arrival in a company: Don't let your competitor contact him before you do.

Dropcontact gives you all the contact data you need to be the first and the most efficient salesman!

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Other features

Dropcontact is an all-in-one B2B tool:
Email finder, complete enrichment of B2B contact data, nominative email verification and qualification , detection and management of duplicate contacts...
Dropcontact : the best enrichment tool

Add your lead's job

Segmenting your customer / prospect base according to their position, function or job is a real plus to hyper-personalize your communications.

Dropcontact identifies the position of your prospect bases when enriching your files or directly in your CRM.
‍Add and update the job of contacts and prospects
Dropcontact : the best B2B email finder

Email finder

With the first name, last name and website (or company name) of a contact, Dropcontact finds, verifies and qualifies email addresses... and adds all the necessary information for B2B prospecting.

Dropcontact automatically Β verifies all data before providing it to you.
‍Email Finder
Dropcontact : the best detection and merging duplicates in CRM tool

Detection and merging of duplicate contacts

A CRM often contains badly managed duplicates... Dropcontact detects them and merges them automatically, without any action required from you.

The quality and integrity of the contact and company data in the CRM is guaranteed.
Detection and merging of duplicates in CRM
Dropcontact : the best email checker

Email checker

Dropcontact is much more than an email finder, all emails provided are qualified, corrected and verified.

No more need to use multiple solutions to ensure the relevance of your database.

Dropcontact is an all-in-one enrichment tool
‍Email Checker