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[TUTO] Enrich BtoB email adresses with Dropcontact and Zapier

Create a Zapier Dropcontact workflow step by step to enrich email addresses

You have a qualified prospect base, prepare your cold emails, and are in the starting blocks to launch your marketing and sales offensive?

✋🏻Hop, hop, hop! Are you sure you haven't forgotten anything?

Is your prospect data enriched?

Oops, my lead data isn't enriched.
When you have targeted your market, but your prospect data are incompleted ...

Thanks to Zapier and Dropcontact, it is possible to automate your workflows to complete your prospect information (enriched, cleaned, and validated contacts)!

(For those who use Integromat, 👉 [TUTO] Find B2B emails with Integromat and Dropcontact)

🆙 Updated: Dropcontact is now directly integrated into Zapier.
For an even simpler and faster workflow, you can use the zap: "Enrich B2B contact data in new Google Sheets rows with Dropcontact".
Workflow Zapier: Enrich your B2B contacts from a Google Sheet thanks to Dropcontact
Enrich your B2B contacts directly in Google Sheet with Dropcontact and Zapier
Workflow Zapier: Enrich your B2B contacts from a Google Sheet thanks to Dropcontact

Otherwise, you can always follow the tutorial below.

Zapier: Automate your Growth Marketing processes without development

Zapier is one of the best-known automation platforms on the market: plugging web applications or SaaS services together requires no technical skills!

growth hacking without code
No code, it's magic

The online tool offers more than 2,000 integrations, including Google Apps, numerous CRM, forms, and landing page tools... to automate time-consuming tasks for Growth Marketing teams.

Today, you should not prospect by spending hours manually enriching, completing, and filing contacts and prospects.

Dropcontact: the essential Growth Marketing tool

Dropcontact is a unique solution on the market! The SaaS solution makes it possible to enrich, standardize and clean each line of contacts in your file... All this in a 100% GDPR compliant way.

The use of Dropcontact does not require specific development 🤗 and is available from beginner to expert.

🤝 Let's see together, step by step, how to enrich the emails of its prospects directly from Google Sheet thanks to a workflow in a few simple steps.

Tuto: Integrate Dropcontact into Zapier and automate your Growth Hacking tools

Proof by example: How to enrich your contacts directly in Google Sheet.

Before starting, a few pre-requisites are necessary :

  1. with a header line
  2. with at least one line with surname, first name, website, and company name
  3. shared to "all persons with the link" with modification accesses
  • Have an account Dropcontact if you don't already have one. Registration is free (we don't even ask for your bank details), and it is possible to test the solution for free and without obligation.
  • Create a Zapier account. Registration is also free.

🔐 Here we go, you have all the keys in hand to automate the cleaning of your contact databases.

1. Create a Zap

This Zap, or workflow, will allow Dropcontact to be connected to a Google Sheet to regularly update the latter with enriched, clean, standardized, and above all guaranteed valid data.

Easy integration of Dropcontact in Zapier
Google Sheet / Dropcontact Zap to automatically enrich its prospect database, without any dev

2. Add a Google Sheet trigger

Set up :

  • App: Google Sheet
  • Trigger Event: "New Spreadsheet Row" or "New or updated Spreadsheet Row"
  • Account and Spreadsheet Row: Choose the file containing your contact database
  • Find data: Choose the better sample to test your future zap

💡 Share your Google Sheet with "the people who have the link" and allow editing if you haven't already done so.

3. Add Webhook POST Dropcontact

Configure the Dropcontact POST with :

  • App: Webhooks by Zapier
  • Action event: Custom request
  • Method: Post
  • URL: https://api.dropcontact.io/batch
  • Data Pass-Through: No
  • Data: Copy and paste the code below ✂️ and replace each "data-type" with the variables proposed by Zapier

"data": [
"first_name": "John",
"last_name": "Smith",
"company": "corporation",

💡 If your file contains French companies, add the "siren" information: true.

  • Unflatten: Yes
  • Header:

- Content-type: application/JSON

- X-Access-Token: Find the API key in the tab "My account", top

4. Delay treatment

Then, be patient. 🎶

Finally, above all, give time for the Dropcontact algorithm to operate.

Therefore, you have to add a "Delay for" of 1 minute between the POST and the GET of Dropcontact.

⚠️ One minute?! And yes, because Dropcontact will not retrieve its contact data from existing databases (more or less legal, by the way), it launches its proprietary algorithm to find, test, and verify all the data.

That is what makes the solution 100% GDPR compliant, and each provided data is legal.

5. Add the Dropcontact GET

Configure the Webhook as follows:

  • App: Webhooks by Zapier
  • Event: GET
  • URL: https://api.dropcontact.io/batch/{{your_request_id}}

- replace {{your-resques-id}} with "2.Custom request > Request ID".

💡 Remember to display all options if all variables do not appear.

  • Send as JSON Yes
  • JSON Key : Yes
  • Unflatten: Yes
  • Headers:

- Content-type: application/JSON

- X-Access-Token: The Dropcontact API key, to be found in the "My Account"

💡 Test and verify your zap step by step

6. Retrieve your file of processed and validated prospects

Last step: Make the data returned by Dropcontact usable in its Google Sheet.

Finalize your zap by configuring :

  • App: Google Sheet
  • Action Event: Create Spreadsheet Row
  • Account: Choose account, folder, file, and a sheet where Dropcontact will send your clean data
  • Customize Spreadsheet row: For each item, add the variable

💡 Remember to display all options if all variables do not appear.

💡 For easy integration, you can download the Dropcontact template here (copy and paste the headers into your file)

One last data test, and bang!

You have just created your automation workflow to update the emails of your new prospects.

Growth Hacker's Nirvana 🤩

Successful growth hacking with Dropcontact in Zapier
When you optimize your canvassing without too much effort

To learn more or use all Dropcontact features by yourself, please read the API documentation

🎁 The first 100 treatment lines on Dropcontact are free.

If you use Integromat, find the tutorial to create the workflow 👉 [TUTO] Find B2B emails with Integromat and Dropcontact

🔥 Dropcontact is also available on n8n, the open source automation platform 👉🏼 [Tuto] Leverage your Sales Automation with n8n

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