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LinkedIn scraper: Evaboot

Evaboot allows you to Scrape any Sales Navigator profile. Enrich it with Dropcontact to launch your prospecting machine.

Phantombuster : Scrap Linkedin

Scrape LinkedIn with Evaboot

LinkedIn is THE most recent, most updated, and probably most used public database.


Evaboot allows you to scrap LinkedIn profiles directly from a Sales Navigator search with its extension. Refine your search according to the activity sector, the profile type, or country.


Launch Evaboot you will receive a standardized file with all searches profiles information. Evaboot provides clean searches on excel files it considers irrelevant.


With Dropcontact, the scrap goes even further. Each Linkedin profile is enriched with its qualified and verified professional email, professional phone number, and all the company information necessary for your prospecting.


Your file is ready to personalize and automate your prospecting.

Evaboot : LinkedIn scraping - chrome extension
Dropcontact x Phantombuster: enrichment and LinkedIn automation
Phantombuster x Dropcontact: automate B2B email enrichment

Automate your B2B data enrichment with Evaboot and Dropcontact

Evaboot provides a file containing your target contacts' first name, last name, and company website (and even more).


This is enough for Dropcontact to enrich it in real-time: civility, professional and verified email address, business phone number, company’s legal information, etc. No need to switch your files from one platform to another: Dropcontact enriches directly from Evaboot.


Dropcontact has developed its algorithms and test servers. This makes it possible to provide up-to-date and real-time data without any stored database.


Dropcontact is the only 100% GDPR compliant solution on the market.

Phantombuster x Dropcontact: automate LinkedIn and enrich your B2B emails

Automate your actions on LinkedIn with Evaboot

Directly from the Sales Navigator search, Evaboot provides an Excel file of your target’s LinkedIn profiles.


From this file, there are many possibilities to automate your prospecting from LinkedIn. Import into your Sales Automation tool, automatic addition via Zapier for example...


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Evaboot : LinkedIn automation and LinkedIn scraping
Evaboot - LinkedIn automation and Cold EmailEvaboot - LinkedIn automation and Cold Email
Phantombuster : automate your multicanal linkedin prospecting

Automate your multichannel prospecting from Linkedin with Evaboot

Evaboot prepares your prospect database.


Dropcontact enriches this database to contact these leads by email, on LinkedIn or even by phone.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Radically change your prospecting on LinkedIn


Evaboot pricing

Evaboot subscription is monthly or yearly

Evaboot pricing is flexible and without commitment

  • From 19€ / month: Scrap of 5 000 leads on LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Free plan: 150 credits/month
  • Dropcontact integration requires a subscription on You just need to enter the Dropcontact API key in Evaboot to find, enrich and verify each email from LinkedIn profiles.
Picto - Phantombuster pricing

Evaboot allows you to prepare your lead files to launch your prospecting from LinkedIn. Then launch your multi-channel communications. The integration with Dropcontact facilitates the enrichment directly from the scraping: One file for more simplicity.

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Evaboot benefits

Evaboot benefits to scrape LinkedIn profiles and automate your prospecting

It is so easy and fast to scan and scrap LinkedIn profiles directly from Sales Navigator with Evaboot.SearchIt allows you to prepare in advance the leads/prospects to contact. The integration with Dropcontact allows you to personalize all communications on a large number of points: civility, activity sector, companies, language...
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Evaboot alternatives

It is also possible to scrape LinkedIn and automate your multi-channel prospecting with:

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