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[TUTO] Find B2B emails with Integromat and Dropcontact

Dropcontact and Integromat - Email Enrichment Workflow

Don't wait, I'll give you the answer: About 1 hour a day, or 5 hours a week, 22 hours a month¹...

Fear of wasting time sorting out your prospect base
When you realize how much time you've spent building your customer prospect base

It is really scary to realize how much time you're wasting on prospecting, isn't it? Automation will save you !

Today, you will realize your dreams and focus on your real added value and passion thanks to the integration of Dropcontact with Integromat.

Dropcontact finds emails, enriches, and updates your prospect contacts, without having to spend hours on it... It is THE essential tool for growth hackers.

(For those who use Zapier, 👉 [Tuto] Enriching BtoB emails with Dropcontact and Zapier)

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Integromat: Automate your growth hacking workflow

Integromat is one of the most powerful automation platforms on the SaaS market.

The platform is compatible with more than 250 SaaS services and allows you to customize your own webhooks and automation processes: you do what you want! There is a freemium version.

In short, an accessible platform that allows you to have fun in your job ❤️

Dropcontact: enriching its BtoB lead base

A first name, a last name, a website, and/or a company are enough for Dropcontact to provide a verified email. But that's not all. Dropcontact enriches, cleans, duplicates, and merges your prospects and customers' contacts.

The Dropcontact integration in your Growth tools does not require any particular technical skills ✌🏻

The trial version allows you to test the tool with complete freedom by processing up to 100 lines. ☞ Dropcontact: deduplicate & enrich your contact files

Tuto: How to set up Integromat with Dropcontact, without technical development

But how do you do it? Don't panic. We'll explain everything using a concrete example:

Clean up and enrich a BtoB prospect contact base on Google Sheet.

Before we get started, a few pre-requisites:

  1. containing at least one line with a first name, last name, a website, and a company name.
  2.  shared to "all persons with the link" with modification access
Enable sharing and editing of your Google Sheet to people with the link
  • Create your account Dropcontact. The registration is free and. You can test the solution (no credit card required!) to convince yourself.
  • Create your Integromat account(it's quick and free).
  • Add the Integromat add-on in Google Sheet (📎 Follow the tutorial).

Let's go! 🚀

1. Create a new Integromat scenario

This scenario will allow you to link your Google Sheet containing your contact data. Dropcontact will automatically clean, enrich and verify your contacts in a new tab of your file.

Google Sheet, Integromat and Dropcontact automation
Enrich and clean your lead, prospect, or customer base directly in Google Sheet with this workflow

2. Add the first Google Sheet module, trigger "Watch row".

At this step, copy and paste the link provided in the Integromat add-on of your Google Sheet > Add-on > Integromat > Settings > Webhook URL

💡 Set up the schedule to optimize the use of your credits if you regularly work on your file.

💡 Share your Google Sheet to "people with the link" and authorize the modification with them.

3. Set up the POST Dropcontact

To do this, add an HTTP module in Integromat to be able to link Dropcontact, and configure the module as follows :

  • URL: https://api.dropcontact.io/batch
  • Method: POST
  • Headers:
  1. Name : Content-Type | Value : application/JSON
  2.  Name: X-Access-Token | Value: your API key, to be found in the "My Account" tab at the top of the page.
  • Body type: RAW
  • Content type: JSON (application/json)
  • Request content Copy and paste the following code and replace the "data types" with the variables of your Google Sheet proposed in "Row Values".

"data": [
"first_name": "John",
"last_name": "Smith",
"company": "corporation",

💡 If your file contains French companies, add the "siren": true.

  • Parse response: check it
  • ⚠️ Time out: 45 (open advanced options)

💡 Run a test at each step

3. Add a delay between the GET and the POST

Then, add a Sleep tool (Action). To maximize your success with Dropcontact, add 50 seconds* delay should be alright.

*⚠️ Why the 50-second delay: Dropcontact does not have a stored and naming database but enriches your data with proprietary algorithms and servers. That is why Dropcontact is the only 100% GDPR compliant solution.

4. Set up the  Dropontact GET

Add a module HTTP - Make a request module in Integromat to finalize the integration of Dropcontact.

  • URL: https://api.dropcontact.io/batch/{your-request-id}

 1. The {your-request-id} variable is available in the HTTP 1 drop-down menu - Make request > "Data" > "request_id"

  • Method: GET
  • Headers:
  1. Name: Content-Type | Value : application/JSON
  2.   Name: X-Access-Token | Value : Your API Key (the same as POST)
  • Body type: RAW
  • Content type: JSON (application/JSON)
  • Parse response: YES

5. Access the cleaned and enriched file

The last step before your successful prospection and success. 🤩

Add a last Google Sheet module > action "Add a row".

  • Connection: Create a new connection with your Google Account
  • Mode: Select Spreadsheet and sheet
  • Spreadsheat: Where you want to get your clean data
  • Sheet : The sheet that you want
  • Table contains headers : YES

Download Dropcontact template here (copy and paste the headers into your file)

  • Values: For each item, add the corresponding variable available in the sub-menu "HTTP 2 - Make a request" > Data

💡 Create a test line in your master file, then make a run to access all the data generated by Dropcontact.

Validate. And... voila!

You have just created your workflow in less than 10 minutes (once) to save 10 hours of tedious tasks per week. 👍🏻

A few tips to optimize the treatment and the efficiency of enrichment :

The master file must contain first name, last name, and company name of your leads.

If the company's website is present, the recovery rate increases significantly. Generally speaking, the enrichment rate is between 35% and 65%.

succeed in automating its lead generation
When you've  succeeded in automating the enrichment of your propspect base without effort..

🎉 You are ready to qualify your data serenely and make a serious Growth Hacking!

To learn more or use by yourself all the features of Dropcontact, check the rest API.

PS Thank's to Alexandre, CEO @wittyfairy, for his use of Integromat 🙏🏻

If you use Zapier, find the tutorial to create the zap 👉 [Tutorial] Enriching BtoB emails with Dropcontact and Zapier

🔥 Dropcontact is also available on n8n, the open source automation platform 👉🏼 [Tuto] Leverage your Sales Automation with n8n

Have you ever calculated how much time you spend cleaning and enriching your leads per day? 🙄

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