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How to find B2B emails from LinkedIn with Leadjet

Find B2B emails from LinkedIn and leverage them

Prospecting and LinkedIn are nowadays 2 inseparable terms in B2B.

Unsurprisingly, LinkedIn is much more than a professional network where you share your news or that of your company. It a is real communication and business channel.

Discover how to prospect on LinkedIn

Why prospect on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world's most comprehensive and up-to-date database of professional contacts.

In 2021, LinkedIn has over 774 million members worldwide, with 116 million active monthly.

774 million people and over 840,000 companies 💥 that's one new member... every 7 seconds.

For many, LinkedIn allows them to display their resume to the world. An overview of the career that each person updates in near real-time.

LinkedIn is, therefore, the ideal playground for any B2B sales and marketing team that wants to develop their sales, their reputation...

How to optimize your prospecting on LinkedIn

Target your leads on LinkedIn

Attention, this may be a scoop but... Address prospects en masse is not the right solution!

Prospecting, and even more so prospecting on LinkedIn, must first and foremost start by defining your ICP.

The ICP or Ideal Customer Profile describes your ideal customer: the customer who will get the most value from your product and the one who will bring the most value to your company.

The ICP is the identity card of a target customer.

By answering questions like "Who will my product bring the most value to?" or "What type of customer will bring the most value to me?

From this, you can define common characteristics such as

  • Company size (Start-up, VSE, SME, large groups...)
  • Target position
  • Sector of activity
  • Stage of development of the company (early-stage, fundraising, unicorn...)
Do not neglect your ICP in your LinkedIn prospecting

🪄 LinkedIn makes it easy to find people who fit all of these criteria.

Hyper-personalize your prospecting on LinkedIn

Once you have defined your ICP and segments on LinkedIn, the next step is to contact your future customers.

To create super-powerful filters and become a LinkedIn search ace, everything is here.

But be careful, before launching your prospecting messages on LinkedIn, a few rules and common sense are required ;)

  • Hyper-personalize each message: what's worse than receiving a message that seems to have been sent by a robot?
  • Work on your message to differentiate yourself from others.
  • Iterate, test, repeat

Each target is unique, so forget templates or other pre-formatted objects... Find THE message that will speak to your target.
It is very important, don't hesitate to get some help to write good content

Activate your Inbound Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not a one-way platform.

Beyond going to target, search, and address your target. Don't forget that your target can come to you.

To do this, post regularly, respond to private messages and comments....

The key: Automate the manual tasks of searching, adding, enriching, and focusing on your real value: your content, your writing

Prospecting on LinkedIn does not stop at this network alone. You need the right tools and .... some clicks :)

Leadjet x Dropcontact: The winning duo of effective LinkedIn prospecting

Centralize your LinkedIn prospecting in your CRM with Leadjet

Learjet : Plug LinkedIn with your CRM

Leadjet is a Google Chrome extension that makes it easy to connect your LinkedIn account and your team's account to your Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Salesforce CRM, or even Copper.

Leadjet syncs LinkedIn contact information and conversations directly into your CRM in just one click.

It is effortless to use and saves several hours for sales and marketing teams.

  1. Install the Chrome Leadjet extension

To easily export LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator profiles directly into your CRM, the first step is to install the Leadjet extension. It is free 🎁

  1. Connect your CRM to LinkedIn for effective prospecting

Leadjet is integrated with Pipedrive, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Cooper.

To connect the two tools, you just have to choose your CRM and accept the conditions.

During this step, the mapping of fields between Leadjet and your CRM is essential 😉

If you didn't create the fields when you installed Leadjet, you could return to it later, directly in your Dashboard > Fields mapping.

Map fields between LinkedIn and Pipedrive with Leadjet
Mapping Leadjet fields to Pipedrive allows you to send the correct LinkedIn information to the right Pipedrive field.

How to find email addresses from LinkedIn with Dropcontact

To enrich your prospects from LinkedIn and find their nominative professional email address with Dropcontact, you have two possibilities:

🥇Connect Dropcontact directly to your CRM: the complete solution

Thanks to Dropcontact integration in CRM, each time a new contact is added from LinkedIn (but not only) Dropcontact :

  • Adds the verified and qualified professional email address
  • Normalizes and standardizes the First Name Last Name of the contact: removal of emojis, harmonization of capitalization…
  • Adds the title (in French or English depending on your language)
  • Standardize the function/job of each of your contacts
  • Adds all the legal information of the organization: SIREN/SIRET code, NAF code, last published turnover, workforce…
  • And above all, it automatically detects and merges all duplicate contacts and companies.

Dropcontact also allows you to retrieve the signatures of your mailbox and that of all team members: Adding the phone number, email address of new contacts ...

The integration of Dropcontact in its CRM is done in less than 3 minutes and requires no technical installation 💥

Dropcontact thus allows you to have an always up-to-date CRM!

🥈 Connect Dropcontact to Leadjet

Using Dropcontact directly in Leadjet allows you to instantly find a prospect's verified business email and business phone number while staying on their LinkedIn profile.

🎁 The first 100 Dropcontact enrichments are offered with the professional plan and the first 1,000 with the corporate plan.

By importing your prospect from LinkedIn into your CRM, the email and phone number are obviously added ;)

Connecting Dropcontact to Leadjet is simply done by copying the Dropcontact API key available here, in your Leadjet dashboard > Tools & Apps

That's all 😇

Everything is installed. Now, it's up to you!

You can now track the progress of your prospects and especially exploit the power of multi-channel: LinkedIn, Cold Email, Cold Call possibly.

You have all the keys in hand to multiply your points of contact with your ICP to reach them with the right message at the right time.

All you have to do is focus on the copywriting of your messages ✍🏼

To go even further in your prospecting on LinkedIn..

🎁 Bonus: Linkedin hacks to prospect even more efficiently

1️⃣ In an ABM (Account Based Marketing) logic, you can easily import your company lists directly into Sales Navigator 🔥

Mastering LinkedIn Sales Navigator is about doing acquisition and prospecting miracles!

How to import your company lists on LinkedIn

2️⃣ Multi-channel allows you to multiply the points of contact and above all to increase your chances of proposing your right message at the right time on the right channel.

There is a foolproof technique that allows you to explore your LinkedIn invitation acceptance rate and get in touch with your prospect, future client 😍

Radically change your sales methods on LinkedIn

3️⃣ Finding new prospects is great, but why often neglect your existing network?

Your thousands of existing LinkedIn connections are just waiting to be addressed.

Prospecting on LinkedIn: The technique for leveraging your connections

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