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Leverage your Sales Automation with n8n

Leverage your Sales automations with Dropcontact and n8n

What is n8n?

n8n is an open-source, self-hosted workflow automation tool. 🔥
In other words, n8n allows connecting many tools to customize your own workflow and optimize your Sales or Marketing processes

It's the perfect tool to stop bothering.

Automate your sales process with n8n and Dropcontact
Be free to focus on your sales!

n8n is different from other tools like Zapier or Integromat because the source code of n8n and all nodes/triggers are available on GitHub. Moreover, you can host your workflows on your own servers.

Each user can participate in adding, correcting, or proposing new nodes or triggers.

You can use n8n in different ways :

  • Locally, on your computer. n8n is a soft you can install on your machine. Since a few days ago, you can directly install the beta version on your desktop for free.
  • In the n8n Cloud is a software-as-a-service. You have to subscribe to have a managed instance of n8n in the n8n Cloud: hosting, security, and maintenance by n8n. 💡You don't need any particular skills to enjoy the tool.
  • On your hosted server: You probably need a developer helping you to host n8n, but this option is 100% under control for your team: your server, your security, your configuration, your own architecture.

Before launching your first workflow, some keywords good to know 🤓

n8n trigger ⚡️

The trigger is the first step that launches your workflow. It can be a new lead added to a database, a new email received, a form completed….

You can schedule your trigger using the "Cron trigger" to start your workflow every weekday, every hour, every minute, or when you want.

n8n Nodes

A node is a customized integration you can use to make your workflows. A node can be "regular" (doing a specific action) or a trigger (launch the flow).

Many nodes already exist, and the catalog is growing up regularly.
Each user can participate by adding a node following the n8n charter, of course. 😉

n8n Connections 🔌

A connection is a link between two nodes.

n8n Workflows

A workflow is composed of a trigger, one or several nodes linked by a connection.

n8n workflows - example and definition
n8n workflow

Why should you automatize your Sales workflows?

Do you already have calculated how much time you spend doing worthless tasks?

👉🏼 Too much time for sure!

🎯 As a salesperson, your primary mission must be... SELL! Focus on it!

n8n allows automating all of your worthless tasks like

  • Add a new lead automatically from a form into your CRM or your database.
  • Enrich your lead before addressing him (with Dropcontact 😜)
  • Send a customized Cold Email to a new targeted lead and receive a Slack notification when this prospect is entering into this campaign.
  • Create a task and find all information about a contact that has just booked a slot into your calendar
  • Enrich your contact into your CRM if it does not have integration with Dropcontact
  • Send a LinkedIn message automatically to your targeted lead.
  • Send personalized notifications to get real-time information and act at the right moment.
  • And so much more, your only limit is your imagination.
Now, you have time to focus on your real added value: write amazing Cold Emails or great Cold Call scripts, and sell your product!

How to use Dropcontact with n8n?

Dropcontact has a n8n node 🔥

So, you can add the contact enrichment to your workflow without lifting a finger.

Let's go!

Follow the guide n8n and Dropcontact

I'll show you. It is pretty easy!

Your trigger to launch your Sales Automation

First of all, you have to get some input data.

In this example, we admit you have published a subscription form (for a webinar or to allow your lead to get a with paper) with Typeform.

With this automation, your lead generation will change. Your forms will be lighter and faster for your leads. You only have to ask your lead's first name, last name, and company name to obtain all necessary information to address him.

n8n Typeform trigger - lead to enrich
Typeforme as a trigger: Reduce your form to explose your lead generation by your landing pages

So, your first node has to be a trigger node.

Connect Dropcontact to your n8n Sales Automation

Then :

  • Plug-in Dropcontact by clicking on the grey circle at the Typeform's node and selecting Dropcontact on the right menu.
  • Connect your Dropcontact account with your personal API key available here
How to find the Dropcontact API key
Find your Dropcontact's API key
  • In our example, we have asked our leads to complete first name, last name, and the company website to subscribe. So in our node, we have to add the corresponding fields. For each input field, click on the gears icon next to the field and click on 'Add Expression'. Select the following in the Variable Selector section: Node > Input Data > JSON > fields > first Name. You can also add the following expression: {{$json["fields"]["First_Name"]}}
Dropcontact node in n8n to enrich and verifiy B2B email addresses
  • Execute the node to test and be sure you have correctly matched.
  • ⏱ By default, the execution time is set to 45 seconds. It's not so long ;) it's important to let our algorithms work in real-time.

You should have a screen like that 👇🏼

Dropcontact node on n8n

💡Adding the website of your contacts in your files to be processed can increase the results by 15 to 25%! Including "First name + Last name + Website" of your leads is the best way to get the best results and thus optimize your prospecting.

And.... that's all. At this point, when a new lead subscribes to your form, he is automatically enriched by Dropcontact.

Your next action to optimise your Sales Automation

Now, you can push it in your Cold Email tool, your CRM, your Slack...or where you want.

lemlist + Dropcontact into n8n
ie: integration with lemlist to automatically send a Cold Email sequence

You can add as many nodes as you want 💥

🐞 Tips to automatically follow up on your workflows with n8n!

You can create an alert if a workflow is stopped due to an error during its execution.

  • The trigger: Error Trigger. This node doesn't need any setting
  • Action: Post a Message with Slack. Here you have to choose your channel and your alert message.

💡 This workflow has a particularity compared to the others: You don't have to active it.

You can copy-past the template here

💡 Inspiration: Some n8n templates' workflows

📆 Transform meeting booking into Notion's Task with verified information

n8n: Calendly x Dropcontact x Notion

This workflow allows you to transform a meeting booking into Notion’s task in order to centralize all of your activity.

➡️ Use this workflow

💡Generate leads with light forms and get verified nominative B2B emails

n8n: Typeform x Dropcontact x Airtable x Slack

This workflow automatically finds verified and nominative email and all information with Dropcontact to prospect properly from a Typeform.

It is the perfect workflow to leverage your lead generation!

➡️ Use this workflow

🧲 LinkedIn Lead Gen Automation from a lead magnet

n8n: Scrap LinkedIn with n8n and Dropcontact

Post a lead magnet and scrape all likes and comments to target your next multi-channel campaign.

➡️ Use this workflow

💡Find all template integrating Dropcontact here.
If you need a workflow or have any ideas about a Dropcontact integration, don't hesitate to tell us at support@dropcontact.io.
We will be happy to help us and add this specific Sales Automation

You know, there is not only n8n 😉.
Zapier and Integromat also allow you to integrate Dropcontact to automate all your sales processes and save a crazy time!

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