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The next Live

Transform your Pipedrive into a real automated lead machine

Automatically generate leads in your  Pipedrive

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If you are using Pipedrive, are you sure you are using it at 100% of its power? 

Make your dreams come true 💭 Making your Pipedrive CRM an automated lead machine!

That's why we are going to record this Live, just for you.
Léa Granat and Denis Cohen will share with you the best techniques and tips to set up an automatic workflow in your Pipedrive
          ● Generate leads
          ● Enrich their data (email, phone... )
          ● Contact them in a hyper-personalized way
          ● Implement and activate the best practices of a CRM

💚 You could ask your questions and share your use cases to get live concrete solutions to implement at the end of the Live.

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